Skyrim Hob's Fall Cave Walkthrough And Unusual Gem #14

Hey, guys, pro stasis here. And this is going to be unusual. Gym number 14 we are in Hobbes fall cave, which is just southeast of young valid, which is where we got gym number 13, we're, just east of Dawn star and north-east of pretty much everything else. Now this little cave is full of necromancer's and necromancer's, usually like frost occasionally you'll get one that fires the fires fire. So definitely stock up on either frost resistances.

You know, whatever you feel you need to do to counter. Necromancer's there's supposed to be an NPC down here later on that has been like kidnapped or something I'm, not a hundred percent. Sure the website was rather vague. So we will see once we get a little further in there's, a couple nasty areas in here that are really going to rock your world. Basically, there's, two there's kind of like a little sub boss and then like a mini, and then like main boss. Now, the sub boss he's, not too bad.

If you can close range with him. But with these guys closing range. Is the hard part. Now, these frostings she's shooting at me, they snare and do damage. So the damage if you've got decent frost resist isn't that bad. But if you fought whatsit vole soon in my Folk scrag guide that I listed, if you had a hard time with him, you're going to have a hard time here. I usually go about there.

We go we're going to have to do this with sorting board. There we go. Anyway, as you can tell it's a lot of snaring its, a lot of just more or less holding you in place while they kite you. So. You want to basically do what you can to minimize that some potions that you guys can get, they have a series called the fortifies. And what those basically do is just increase your stats for a certain period of time. So those can definitely help out just, yeah, more or less closing staying a lot of closing the range, etc., and anything you can do to mitigate the frost damage.

So you don't get snared quite so badly. It's going to help out they also have a tendency to summon there. We go summon. Skeletons and some of them, some bigger ones even summon necromancer's. Now, this right here is the first real I. Guess you could say, boss, I'm going to try and kite them up here. And you see those little blue things, that's them.

Summoning, also, if you see them cast like little balls around themselves, gee, those are wards to , just summon a goat, no back off, or I'll CID. My goat after you, I mean, business, stop laughing. I'm, just waiting on my shout to regent with my shield. I can what the .

Someone in the naked to fight me, that's, not cool. I mean, it is cool. But you know, god, they have frozen me solid for those of you are wondering why I'm just standing here taking this I'm, literally, frozen and can't move around this corner, healing. Yeah.

Alright. One of them is down, obviously, if you kill the guy who does the summoning, to summon dies too now, kind of be careful with these guys because as you'll notice he's coming back. So you have to watch out for that. Please, my god trying to kill him before. He kills me off with your head, , good god. So that right there is the first mini boss with dual wield.

He goes down a lot quicker. But obviously you don't have the survivability kind of got away your odds there. There are quite a few of them down there, and it's very easy to get overwhelmed. So you want to kind of gauge it for yourself so just plant it out how you want to plant it out and be careful with it. This is a path I did not find last time.

I went through here, all righty I wish, all the. Monsters were that easy? Well, I guess game wouldn't be got a lot of fun then, huh. And for those who were wondering it did take me two or three runs through this dungeon to get it actually cleared up.

Well, if you're going to see me burn, you might want to use fire spell. Sweetie. Ha, who's burning who now , go hard to burn people without a head isn't. It kind of I. Guess, he's just laying up against the wall like that all right? What do we get over here?

And right here as you can see, this is gym. Number 14. So for those of you who are just here for that, you all can stop watching now make sure you don't miss that path on the left like I said, I've run this dungeon twice. Now since I, keep getting killed by the boss at the end. So make sure you're looking out for that path right after the first boss because it's its, pretty easy to miss.

And as is this chest right here, kind of hard little one to find I don't see what we got in here, I wasn't, really picking. It was just basically open Oh badass and. Of course, I'm carrying too much. What can I drop keeping the sword? How much is that I say, 33 42, we will drop that now we're good.

And for those of you who are wondering why I'm leaving all the stuff behind I will come back and pick it up later, always do but short of cheating, encumbrances a pain in the ass. So anyway, this little path, I guess, we're not quite out to the entrance there. We go a little pass, pretty easy to miss. If you're not paying a lot of attention, especially if you move.

Into the room to fight the guys without backing out first so make sure that you don't miss that now further on in here, there's a nasty, little I, wouldn't say, trap because it's kind of obvious, but these little guys here don't go flying through here. If you loot the soul gem, it stops spraying pretty easy stuff. Make sure you save right around here? Because that this next boss makes pretty much the previous boss look easy. These guys will kite you mercilessly. So try and avoid. You know, there you.

Go try and avoid the frost if you can all right so up, there is the big guy, he's going to be pulling just like his buddies did in a big group, and you can kite them backwards, which is pretty much exactly what I plan to do just be careful because they will freeze you solid, and you're. Basically just stand there while you get raped 1 2, 3, 4 5 as you can see they're already making with the frost whoops wrong. Button run, Cetus, stamina, MAGIC, fine don't need that yet. Now, if you'll notice they're still . Me up because they're closing range that ward, right there that's gonna basically make any of your spell's do no damage what I'm going to try and do here is pull them in one at a time, it's, a shame, there's, no magic resistance skill.

If there was man holy crap, and you can fight them here again. When they cast those little bubbles around themselves like that, you can't hurt them, not with magic. Anyway, they're complete wards, and they will block most of your magic damage for this trap right here more or. Less since NPCs, apparently have no knowledge of doors. Thank God means they are stupider than a raptor. If you've ever watched Jurassic Park, I, don't know if you noticed good god, all right there, they killed me from full health, me.

So as you can tell, these are some really nasty, manage amaze. That was a double current strike. God, I do not understand the difficulty on some of these guys.

It totally seems to depend based on the incident. You know, sometimes they're easy to kill sometimes they're, just. An absolute cast-iron, . It all seems to depend on actually did I bring my staff with my buttons.

If you are smarter than I. And you remember to bring your just trying to draw one of their attentions, if you're smarter than me, and you brought your staff of sanguine air, then that will probably help you out a lot I don't know if these guys can cancel conjurations, I kind of like a little song did. But if they can't, then it can be a real good resource to use I'm trying to pull them away down this. Thing so we've been getting one at a time I wanted one at a time, not zero son of a , I have no idea. I'm gonna break this.

This is going to be interesting. Yeah, all right so she's down I'm going to switch over to full-blown ape shit rape mode, whereas I wear than a frost Award and let's see. It looks like I got a big old frost block coming in from the land, which, of course, freezes me solid, and now I'm going to die. Well, if I'm lucky I can fall off as ledge to the right on healing, and you can tell.

How slow I am moving trying to get out of the way of these failing pretty miserably, oh , Oh, yes, yes. You're. Awesome. All right. So I've managed to kill two of them now. And it does seem to be that that big guy, which is the problem. Your stamina there we go all right?

Alright, gonna wait till that guy comes back up, Jesus, , hell. So as you can tell this is quite the challenge , oh, my god, come on. Move . Okay, all right, plentiful.

Magic. Minor Magic, great stamina versus trust, is this magic. There we go, actually, you know what we're going to do something different we're going to go with the glass mace, and then I'm, not knocking down with unrelenting force. If I can knock him down, assuming I can get him close enough. I should be able to kill him. I will make sure we save just in case. Furthermore, I can't, , I, don't know if you all could tell, but he froze me solid, which seems to be pretty much standard for this little die.

You , God who already jeez talk about a challenge. Man, holy . So make sure you bring a ton of potions before you come down here and poison.

Brazil are not poisonous this frost resist, etc., etc., etc. Not quite sure well, there's a pile of ashes up here, black soul gem. Yes. Those are nice for those who aren't aware black soul. Gems can and piteous flute that's quest item. So you want to get that black soul gems allow you to take the souls of people. Apparently she is dead.

There was somebody alive in here that needed saving maybe I, it up. And she got whacked I. Heard somebody asking for help when I got in here, Oh I'm, an orc, not a superhero. me, he's expert logs are you I mean, he'll, I've got 45 lakh packing, and it's still a . Oh, you son of a . Come on now it's just with me, it's like I'm, sorry. So you've got too many lock picks we're going to have to take care of that for you Oh all right? What do we get over here? This ash pile already?

Well that concludes the walkthrough for the unusual Jim number 14 and the clearing of forgot the. Name Hobbs fall cave. Hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, please click that like button helps me out a lot and lets me know, you're enjoying the content subscribe.

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Dated : 06-Apr-2022

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