Survive The World's Biggest Avalanche! - Gta 5 Funny Moments

No I can't believe it I jumped over the wing what the heck you see people falling, wait, I'm back I'm back alive. What wait? Okay, what is happening? This is different. This is definitely different.

We could die multiple times, Georgie. They've blocked you always trying to use. This is savage, I think, it's respawning stuff keeps respawning I dived out of the way of a try guys, I don't know what to do yeah, Rudy and I was in my way. Oh, my god, the trucks with the spikes on the front just like, why has no.

One ever done this before the plane is so scary because it flies there are so many trucks coming down. Oh, this is just - no no, no okay that way higher than I thought. Okay, went to the next it's like find a moment and then go to the platform. Play died by the way telly you just got a go for it. Buddy, no, you don't, you literally don't. It slows down every now, oh, great.

As soon as I go when Julie's like just got to go for it, it's the truth, and we're, this plane, this plane, the plane lit, she looks. Like someone's flying it, yeah, because it doesn't have all those parts. Yeah, I'm, waiting. No I. Can't believe it I jumped over the wing are you kidding? Me I died at the start I'm.

What seems actually hate going out the side I feel like it's so much more variable, her misses I'm getting near the spawn location. Oh, no. This wing, no I'm. Sorry, I'm.

Sorry, I, can't. Believe I'm, black I cannot believe I'm alive. I cannot be nice. No it's me through I'm right next to him.

I'm, Josh, I'm going to catch up with you, I'm.Really, really far away for me all guys landing on your head. Now this truck just fully on top, wait what's here in my on what's here, my on I think I made it I made it. Why is there a bunch of monkeys guys? What are the monkeys I don't get it? Oh course, up here get the car Tony, I, don't really know what we're doing?

Yeah, that's. What we're doing? Oh, we have to do multiples. Well, I might be able to win if I beat Jodie, many seconds, 20 seconds, guys, 10 seconds.

Come on Josh. Do it for the team? Do it for the T 9.8 7, 6 5, 4 3 2, I, did it? Did you? Do it I? Do it?

Oh, we lost I got into the location, maybe you're supposed to not do that Josh. But Rudy had a point we supposed to go to the same place round number 2 on possibly the most cute. This is GTA ever at least we get to see everything. Yes, you see what we were doing jelly dryers, but we have to like deliver cause or something out of it all right, wait I'm under the platform with the package in it, and you're, possibly I didn't pick up at all with a package. This is our. Moment all right, I, don't know, hello you talking about what is the plan? I mean, we got to get the killed.

Okay? Okay. Oh my goodness, oh, the cause. Yeah, there's. A chance this morning underneath it all playing into your head. All right?

They said, it seems like at the beginning it's a bit clearer. Yeah, there's, definitely dead dull periods where there's not so much stuff all right I'm going up the edge again, because I am dead Oh get up. You lazy. Boy, stand behind me.

Stand behind me, Thank, You, Bessie, whew. I was fooling pretty low. And then truly survived me to help me get up this plane, this plane, another way, Jenny's saying, this is impossible me and Rory you're, literally both did it love I'm going at the edge again, because I just felt like I had a good chance. Yeah, I'll there is so much better.

The edge is so much. Okay, I'm far there's. A truck that's coming down right now that could kill me.

No, yes, yes. The wing, no I'm still like couple away. All right.

I. Am I've made it I made it I, definitely? Made it I made it? Okay?

So what Judy I realized what was wrong? You took our cars and I took your car. You sure I'll let, you know, Jordi, I'll, let, you know, I was up there, too. It was alright. I'm doing it I'll let, you know, we're going to win this.

One Kelly go up. The left side is far superior. Oh, my god. These peoples keep launching me away.

Okay, I. Hope. It doesn't kill me after I deliver or vehicle it's. So annoying, you get sometimes stuck on it.

They put they put water like on the tires jelly. So if. You don't, keep up your speed.

You huge kind of drown. Yeah, it's, just a weird like because I, don't know who came up? Alright, first vehicle delivered there we go. So now is the run back.

Probably it probably Trumps, yeah, killed by the weight Yukon. You can't deliver more than one at a time because those ramps Jody you have to die and do the whole thing again. Alright, I'm dying. Alright, I've spawned again.

We've got one delivery done. There is two minutes a minute. Yeah.

Okay. Alright. I don't think I can make it. I, don't know if we can make it from her, I'm, definitely going to go for it, but I have to be fast now.

So if I die so who's up whose close. You have a minute to make it he's made it he's made it jelly. He is for something seconds to equal. Oh I, don't know, I, don't know how long it took me. Oh, I died. I died.

So it's all up it's all up to Jordan gonna wait in the bottom. Ten seconds, six bloody hell. We're going to go together on this one. Okay. We have to experience death. Furthermore, we have to learn death all right. We're going to gather the left side.

Er is that correct when I would just group up at the bottom. Okay, I just got hit underwater by plane. Okay, everyone groups up at the first ramp.

Basically, come on boys. Come on. No jetty. That's. Not the left side is it Danny don't, push don't know if so the program on the left side and I need to teach you.

So the problem that I said, if you get any closer than this, it automatically pushes you through it. So watch this already Jenny. Well, yeah.

So that allows you to run. Really quick without having to jump over it, but you have to stop before it just hold .

Okay. So, alright, it's a way bit. No, no, no. You have to wait a decent amount. Okay. Now just run through it.

See. This is why we wait see I'm doing it, myself, Jury's like let's, go. Alright. So you guys still running on the left-hand side as a star it's that you just gotta be careful, you know, anything could pop out at any second and pick you up.

It just feels like it's more consistence of things, a little less. Likely to hear, but you never know you never know, it's like dragging along the edge. Whereabouts are you now, oh I got ya that's when you's the last two little notches on the left, it's, literally, they're falling on your head. Oh, no, truly what happened? Why did you go up the authorities made it? Dude, I, hey, I'm, close jelly.

So don't give up right now. But I need jelly I need you to make it. So we can beat the equalization finale. You need to try harder.

Pull. Her luck is that why I've done it three times. When you get to the last couple Jodie like the stuff is literally on your head, there's, no stopping.

Yeah. So the last bit becomes literal what stop running through them. Then oh, my, oh, my goodness, the ambulance at the end, this one laughs, no there's, actually one black jelly I killed him. So we can a win. We've won jelly. We want to now defend this platform.

Well, that's up to you, I'm, just going to stay up here with your grenade, and it's Jody somehow makes it just come down there and like to be like. Okay. Now. You're magically better at this, oh wait, no it's luck. I forgot all right. We got it. We got it.

Oh, you got the point. We got the point all right Joey now we wait, they respawn by the way, the cause you never blew up your own Casey Jude. All right. He came kill.

Dad, Lena. All right? You guys are doing great all right, oh I'm. Just going to spend two minutes waiting for meters. Oh, my god explosives, come on see his head pump up day. Welcome. So basically, these cars on the left, you have to take to the point and.

Then drop them off. And we win jelly, yay, this winner, which means we're the best yeah, the game. Thank you guys for watching the video I. Hope you enjoyed it. If you want some cool merch then go check out a shop-door slogan,, there's, a bunch of products there that you probably will like if you don't like them, then I'm going to cry bye.

Dated : 17-Apr-2022

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