Tassels In A Sentence With Pronunciation

Tassels all the Acacia sand mimosas in the gardens before the villas were waving their golden tassels in the breeze, ribbons and tassels of red silk, adorned, his Mane with royal standards of red silk and the Lance tops and tassels of silver furry fellow with tassels on his ears and claws that could rent like steel hooks. He has a purple sole with gold tassels on it. Dainty, yellow, warblers fluttered about the golden tassels of the blossoming trees. While the bees droned about the yellow tassels of the. Blooming trees while back of this wall, hang the drooping tassels of tall, eucalyptus trees, the largest shook their tassels gaily. The tassels were bowing and nodding their heads. The horses had scarlet tassels and nets on their heads.

Those gold tassels are the badges of drunkenness with two tassels at the extremities, the stuff and tassels of which gowns are made Medusa's whose milky white or dainty pink parasols were festooned with Azure tassels and shaded us from the sun's rays. How. Are we to get the steel rings and tassels for it, his ears with their black tassels. And the black stripe down the middle of his back long, tassels of black silk made yellow tassels, the badges of intoxication shows them how to arrange the long cane tassels with decorative effect above door and window. The flags are made of the most beautiful silk with tassels and fringe of gold bullion.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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