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Yes, that's me. It was about three and a half weeks before she finally pushed her first button. And I was like, oh, my god. This felt like something that we could do together that would pass the time play outside. Okay. Come on let's.

Go outside. I had a pet's neck, pets for outside. Pets. Okay. I took close to two months before actually differentiating between the words, and she's using them with intentions. You can always have things. I added the mad button.

Why are you mad that was absolutely her favorite word. And she could not stop pressing it really, and it was constant, especially after I would tell her later for food. It was like mad you're, not giving me what I want because there's a yoga mat in the vanilla before, oh, because you want food, okay, that makes more sense, definitely anthropomorphizing a lot here.

But it was like she had known this word for her entire life. And she finally had an outlet to be able to tell me that she was displeased with something that I was doing I'm. Sorry. Okay. We have a. Motion sensing camera, and I have not caught her on the camera when no one is home.

So it seems like she has some connection between buttons and humans, this level of closeness that we have because of this over the last year has grown exponentially love, you, oh baby. I love you too me, too. I love you too. Furthermore, I love you too. She always wants to interact with the buttons.

Okay, I'm in another room. She presses buttons to get me to come over. Why do you do that? She wants the catnip buddy. One thing that happens.

When people see this video is either she understands everything or she doesn't understand anything. And this is all just a hoax, I'm skeptical, too later. But for a lot of her words, she uses them in the correct context, there's also times when she presses buttons, and I have absolutely no idea what she's saying later, okay, what else does billy want? Do you want pets?

Okay, yes, pets, it's. Something that is fun for both of us and that's. All I care about you.

Dated : 09-May-2022

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