Traceability Report

In this video I will introduce how to do requirement based surreys abilities through snaps RT Bergen for your better. Understanding let's start from a user's narrow just tick or product steps, RT Bergen. Or that example, we want to get at usability report, fortes cue's module, which is down in version 1.0. And we want to know test coverage for these requirements.

And also we want to know test results for these requirements, let's say, how snaps RT next-gen generate readability report in JIRA in project. Overview page there is accessibility menu in left panel click on these. It will redirect user to choose ability report page. Firstly, you need to specify some value to require future and test plan future to make sure you filter. You will get the list you want and then click on the trees button. You will get a list of requirements along with the list of test cases and the test plan. The test result in different test plan.

For example, for SNT 162, 62 for this requirement. It is covered by four test cases. And these four tests kitties are executed in different test plans. And for each plan, the test result there are colored blocks to show the test result for that. For example, in this test recycle, it is passed for this cycle. It is also passed you see here is an in chrome testing. It is passed.

And for this one is also passed once the color is red. It means these test case is fell in this particular test cycle. And if there is a black icon, it means there is a bug found from this task is. So if there is a bug.

For that particular task is that means this park is also found from this environment so open. These click on the back icon, you will get the defect details page. The defect will be listed here.

It is. It is the matrix accessibility metrics. If you want to get a tree view, you can just simply select a chi redo button and then specify the information click cheese. You will get all the requirement meet this search criteria.

If you open expand the requirement, you will get a list of test cases which covers. This requirement and let's expand. One of task is all the test plans Oh in which the task is executed well display here. It shows the test case, execution history and result. And here is a buck-buck link. If you click on these, the defect details page will pop up the colored blocks from the colored blocks shows test execution result in this particular test cycle. This information is quite a useful for management team who want to check if the requirement is passed testing or not.

Dated : 24-Apr-2022

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