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Beautiful day out here, beautiful Monday morning, I'm still on vacation, but I'm, not I'm always working, but mentally I'm on vacation. So man, today, let's talk about get money with box trucks out there. Some of you guys out there want to go buy box trucks and start up running those actual straight trucks. So let's talk about box trucks.

Today also let's talk about the trucking industry right now. So a lot of you guys are panicking because we're going through this coronavirus epidemic so amen, but I'm gonna. Tell you guys one thing about life and let's, just even talk about real estate, too, right now, you know, sometimes in moments when it feels like it's, not the best, but it turns out to be the best thing that ever happened, especially for you business owners out there, you know, right now. The trucking industry is not going down. One thing you guys really have to start realizing mentally - is that man. This world needs trucking. This world requires transportation.

So if you guys really understand that, you will. Never panic the only people out there that will panic is you guys out there who never stacked up that bank account when hard times come, and I'm talking about you business owners out there that's when you guys will panic. But if that cash is right, which it should be that's.

What you guys should be doing, and your business is stacking up that money. So right now we're in this coronavirus epidemic, the media has everyone out here freaking out right now, you know. So when it comes to what's going on, right. Now you guys out there just got to start thinking and figure out a way to capitalize off of this moment, you know, so with me, I'm still doing what I'm doing I'm, still hauling loads, I'm still broker, and I'm still dispatching ain't. Nothing going to stop at least as of right now.

And if it stops that mean, the whole world is going to stop I, always like to say, whatever I'm going through, especially in business that I can't control. That means there's a lot of other people around me, you know, so I'll feel too bad. You know, because it's just not me it's the world, but right now, I'm still making money. And hopefully you guys out there are still making money too in this trucking industry.

But you guys will eventually get back to it, and hopefully make way more money. Just imagine this right now what's going on in the world, it's stopping a lot of other businesses out here from performing and making money right now. So think about this trucker, you guys will always have great to haul this world cannot move without it. And it's that simple, you guys have to start understanding that if you go through a hard time, it's, just for a moment in this industry, it will always come back and I, truly believe it because I studied it I study history. You know, that's what you guys have to do out there.

You have to start studying you have to start doing your research. This is a well-needed industry, big, shout out to the army tell you guys this quick story. So when I was in the military, when I was commissioning to become a second. Lieutenant there were infantry officers that used to like laugh at me and make, you know, make jokes about me because I didn't want to go combat I didn't want to go infantry, or none of that I always felt that wasn't for me. The smartest thing to do, you know - so what I did was I want to learn supply, I wasn't - I wanted to learn logistics.

And one thing about in the military think about this, they always used to make fun of me. And actually, you know, try to talk bad about me because I didn't want. To go combat I didn't want to do that infantry stuff. But one thing about supply is that you cannot win the war without bullets in beans, beans and bullets. You cannot win the world without it, and you cannot win the world without the infantry soldiers - but I'm just speaking on logistics right now.

So this world needs it. This world requires transportation in this logistics man. So you all out there mess, stop panicking, you know, and now let's give to this money, you know, it's plenty of money out here. They.

Printed every day so let's roll off into this content for today. Okay. So let's talk about making money with box trucks.

So when it comes down to it out there, man, you guys out there. You guys can make money with box trucks - you know, I have never bought a box. Truck. I've always just been a dually truck, hotshot type of guy I'm in a process right now by an actual semi truck, but that semi truck will be used for my trucking school. So I never bought a box.

Truck, I know, people who have box trucks and I have. Done my research in the industry to know that box trucks can make money. So I just get this question. Quite often, a many men I want to go invest into some box trucks. You know, is that a good investment can I make money?

You know, one thing about it is honestly, you would never know in life. When things are going to be, you know, bad or good. You know, you never really know we are investing your money into something if it's going to really yield and return, but I could say confidently that if you go. Invest into a box truck as long as you learn how to run that box truck, you guys can't make money because I don't believe that you have to go out and buy a semi truck, I don't believe that you have to go out and buy a dually truck, or you know, something in that type of category just to make money in the trucking industry, look truck in it's trucking. You know, some of you guys out there that have 18 wheelers. Some of those hotshots are making more money than the 18 wheelers and I know, for a fact. Because I've talked to plenty semi-truck drivers and I were asked in what are their gross revenue for weekly and monthly, and I'd be like man, I made more money than you.

And then we might prepare months and my money's more consistent than their money. You know, so don't really get caught up on that. You need to go out and buy a semi truck, just to prop it out there, too. If you guys go buy that box truck, you guys can make a pretty good profit. And the reason why you can make a good profit is because a. Box truck don't cost that much money, you know and business is also about.

How can you spend the least amount of money to maximize your property, decreasing the overhead. Some of you guys out there right now to go buy a box truck for under $20,000, and it could run, you know, great. So just imagine you going to pay twenty thousand dollars for an actual box truck, how long will it take you to pay off that box truck? So I kind of like the box truck setup, just because you can't go out, and you could buy a cheap. Box truck and as long as you guys figure out how to make money with it, I will say right now, if you guys are interested in buying a box truck start trying to build some relationships with some of those shippers in your area, a lot of those shippers, you know, can use people with box trucks.

You know, try this out today call up about five to ten shippers in your area to see if they have any need for box trucks. And this is for your truckers out there who actually want to start, you know, all the lows and. Start a trucking company, utilizing box trucks out.

So I know, for a fact, you know because I've talked to shippers that said that they have, you know, basically a need for box trucks. But like I told you guys, I just never wanted to go out myself, personally and invest into more equipment. You know. So you can also utilize that box truck, whether you just want to haul drive great like a 53-foot drive van.

Or if you guys want to go get that reefer unit that's, what I will recommend if you guys go buy a box. Truck I would recommend that you buy the box truck with the reefer unit already attached to it. But you can also utilize that box truck that just haul straight drive and Freight to, you know. So you kind of got options. Now, you know when it comes to what type of freight, you know that you can haul out there so that's a, you know, a plus for me in a way that you guys are going to start finding a freight for your box truck out there, like I said, start calling up shippers start trying to build. Relationships man, that's, the most critical piece in business and especially in trucking, and it's, just something that I learned, you know, is that you have to start building relationships with these shippers out here.

So you guys can start getting more dedicated freight. Also, you could potentially turn that box truck in to maybe like a side hustle. You know, either renting out on the weekends for people if they want to move, or you could potentially start a moving company. You know, with those box trucks. So those box trucks could potentially stay busy all week long, you know, just imagine if you have direct shippers, right now, that's, giving you dedicated freight Monday through Friday you're, making your money, you know what you feel that you need to make weekly to sustain your quality of life.

And then on the weekends who knows you might be renting it out, you know, for a few hundred dollars on Saturday is Sunday just to help people move, or you know, let someone come running out. So they could go. Move. Themselves so it's all about being creative, but like I say, man, I, just really do like the whole setup of box trucks because you could get it for so cheap, you know, but it can make so much money. You know, so I do like it for that fact. So if you guys out there man want to get off into box trucks, I decide to tell you guys, keep doing your research too. You know, don't really listen to people out here as either trying to discourage you about, you know, the business or trying to discourage you to not go, buy.

That box truck, you could potentially go buy you two good box trucks for under thirty thousand, you know, are around thirty thousand dollars. And if you guys learn how to, you know, actually get out there and start making that money. You guys see a lot of money. You know, let me know what you guys think out there too. And let me know if some of you guys out there are ready if you already use box trucks in your trucking company, you know, let me know how everything is going for you.

You know. So this whole. Channel, right here is really just to inspire people, but also to educate and help other people out, you know, so share your comments below if you have a box truck, or if you have any experience utilizing box trucks, because I think box trucks we'll be an actual good investment.

You know to you guys out there who actually wanted I mean who want to do it. Another way, of course that you guys will find loads out there is just by utilizing the lower border. So when you're searching for loads out there, just. Search for a regular, 53 foot drive van or a 53-foot reaper. If you guys get to a box truck with a reefer unit on it and just find loads that fit you, you know. So if you're 26 feet just make sure that your loads are under 26 feet and the weight. So most of the box trucks that I hear they're hauling anywhere from about 10 to 15,000 maybe up towards 20,000 pounds.

So that's, just how you're going to search the low board, you're just going to search for three from you know, modes for drive van. Loads and that's, the way that you guys can find loads out there just find the loads that actually fit, you know, your box truck. So hopefully this video was able I was able to just give you guys a little of more information.

You know, every car in regards the box trucks. Man, you guys have any questions hit me up on my email broker at many Transom. Go visit my website.

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Dated : 17-Mar-2022

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