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District hospital, Chiron led pastor than man. Thank you and guest of Warner band and tang, video principal, j, m, school of nursing and functional president pinata up here. Madame known tutor, invited foster, attend candy, lighting name and tangy Devi, principal, j, m, school of nursing. And oh, taking NASA faster. Secondary students special here. Here we don't have any agenda. What we have been doing is that there is an organization called vision banker.

Miss visa Lanka is a vision for the people of. Lamka and the land, and then we're organizing this new year key for the elderly normally in the month of January, but this time with because of to covet as well as because of production, however, today we are very happy to organize this function. We invited a number of the prominent citizens in the town area. All of them have come here. We don't have any agenda as I said, we'll, be just having a cup of tea. People will be meeting people talking and probably informally. People also will be talking about.

The concept that we have for our people and then in this country. So this is the only program that we have. Thank you soon 56 by 19 team song, 57. Hello, assembly, constraints upon 57 by 20 mar ozone, cookie 57 by 31 and Ching pay 57 by 34 57 by 39 more songs.

Fifty-seven by forty-nine lenos. Sixty singlet assembly, constraints upon sixty by thirty-six day code. Sixty by forty-three Malcolm here, district song, assembly segment, polling stations, Savannah 55 by 13 King bro 55 by 16 Julian 55 by 17 tin, Calder 55. By 18 thing poo koala 55 by 19 kangaroo door hall.

Number one at 55 to pi, took st. Assembly, constraints. Fifty-sixth and long st. Assembly, constraints, counting hall. Number two, uh. Fifty-eight return for st.

Assembly. Constraint, c, the accounting hall. Number four. Fifty, seven, hang penny.

Nova 58 rating st. Assembly, constraints candidate. Google independent candidates, um vice president john Johnson de hill here.

Dated : 17-Apr-2022

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