Uberlite Vs Xtherm Vs Tensor - There's A New Sleeping Pad King

So today we are talking about sleeping pads. I did a video about two months ago on sleeping pads, um, it was like Nemo versus therm-a-rest or something like that. Anyway, it got perfect views. So I thought I'd do another video.

This one's going to be a little different, though, uh, we're going to get into the specs a little more on these sleeping pads. And I kind of feel like I want to name a new king of sleeping pads, because I feel like the reign of one particular sleeping pad has been, uh, dethroned. And uh, it's, just my opinion. Okay. It's. Just my personal opinion do not feel like because I'm saying that you've got to go out and buy another sleeping pad.

Please don't do that buy the sleeping pad of your choice. I'm going to give you a run-through of specs of three of what I think are the most popular sleeping pads on the market right now. And why I think they're super popular, and then just kind of what I would do if I were you. But before we get into any of that stuff today's video is.

Sponsored by backcountry. Thank you so much for sponsoring today's video, let's get into the sleeping pads, let's get into the sleeping pads. You get into a sleeping bag.

I think we should probably get onto the sleeping pads. Huh? Okay. So the three that I've chosen are the thermals near, x, therm, the Nemo, tensor insulated and the therm-a-rest newer Uber light. So I don't know how these companies come up with these names like Neo air, Uber light, that's like the matrix, met taxi cabs get it. Because of Neo and Uber so right away, you can see there's drastic size differences between these sleeping pads.

And these are all considered like ultra light sleeping pads, which is fascinating. I think it's probably a little unfair to discuss like the size differences, because these are a little different each of them. Anyway. Because this one is the large version this one is the rectangle regular wide version.

And this one is the large version, so they're, you know, manufacturers are making. Different sizes and all that stuff. But I'll just tell you based on the sleeping pads that I have at my disposal that's. What I've got this particular one the large version, which is, I believe 77 inches long and 25 inches wide that's, a that's, a big pad. The Nemo is the regular wide version.

This size is 72 by 25 inches. And you can get this in a 77 in the long version as well. Actually, I think it's like 76 inches.

And then the Uber light. This one that I have is the large version as well. And that size is.77 by 25 inches, okay, so if you want to see some of these specs yourself, what I like to do is, I like to go to backcountry.com, I click on activities, I click on hike camp. And then I scroll down to the hike camping section where you can shop by category. And here you'll see sleeping.

So you click on sleeping. And then you can see sleeping pads click on that, and it'll pull up all the sleeping pads that we're talking about today. And even a lot more so here's, the Nemo equipment tensor insulated. Sleeping pad click on that. And then you scroll down, and you'll be able to see all the technical specs you'll, be able to see that it's made out of 20 denier nylon you'll, be able to see all the sizing all the weights everything that you want to see also if you want, you can actually chat with their gear, heads their gear, heads are former Olympians, they're, former athletes, they're former trail guides, they know what they're talking about.

I've used them myself when I've looked for gear, also I do have a. Coupon code it's, Dan 15., it should be able to get you 15 off of a full priced item. Some exclusions do apply, but go ahead. Try it out and hopefully to save you guys a couple bucks. The other difference between uh, the Nemo.

And these pads is that the Nemo is a rectangle. So it doesn't taper at the bottom where your feet are these other two do. And I think you might be able to get these in a non-tapered version, don't quote me on that. But I do believe it's possible.

And then they all come with pump sacks. In my last video, I said that the therm arrests, didn't, come with palm sacks that was a mistake. Can you believe I made a mistake on video?

And then one more difference between these here, the therm-a-rests and the ones you can purchase now is that these have the older valve on them. They now have like a wingnut style valve that's supposed to be easier to use, and it's a little nicer. These have the older valve on them that's been around for like 30 years, apparently, which is really.

Interesting so those are going to be some differences, but let's just get into now some specs and why I think there may be a new reigning king. So you probably want to know my experience with these sleeping pads. I have spent at least 10 nights out in the back country on every single pad at a minimum. The Nemo is the one I have the most experience with I've been using this one for, oh man, probably a couple of years now. And I really enjoy this one.

These other two, I've used quite a. Bit this year. This one I used more in the winter time. Obviously, this is a more of a four season pad. This one is considered more of a three season pad. And this one is sort of like the borderline three to four season pads. Okay.

So the reason these are drastically different in sizes is that they're all made out of different materials, and they are all supposedly for completely different seasons. This one is a pad that you're definitely going to be okay with in the winter. You could probably take this. Below zero degrees and still be safe. You probably won't be super warm. This particular pad is a 3.5 r value. This one I personally have had down to about 20 degrees.

And it does start to get a chill around that. Mark is what I found. This is a 2.3 r value, there's a ton of charts online that will tell you what our value is in relation to temperature. It's total preference. This one's a 2.3, and I've had it down to 42 degrees.

And I was totally fine. I think you could probably get this down to about. Freezing 32 degrees, and you'd probably be okay. I would think maybe at that point, you're gonna start to feel a bit of a chill. But I don't know that the vast majority of backpackers out there, especially weekend warriors are really going that cold, they're, mainly going three seasons.

The other big differences between these pads are the materials that they're made out of. So this one is made out of a 15 denier nylon. This one is made out of a 20 denier nylon. And this one is made out of a 70 denier nylon.

To totally not confuse, you just know that this pad is pretty delicate. This pad can take a bit more abuse. I have found that this sleeping pad is still pretty durable. Um. I don't really worry too much about you know, poking holes in it or anything like that. Furthermore, I'm, a pretty careful person when it comes to my sleeping pads. Anyway, I have never had a leak in a sleeping pad yet.

And probably because I have so many that I've spread them out as far as usage, so it's, not like, I've had one the whole time I've got. Actually a bin full of sleeping pads. So and I own two of these so take that for what it's worth as well. But each of these pads for as many nights that I have slept on these individually I have not had any issues with anything leaking. Now, this pad is made out of 15 denier nylon and that's going to mean that you got to be really, really careful with it.

And I know there are a lot of people complaining online that this pad has been ripping or puncturing. So you're like taking the commitment to a.15 to near nylon sleeping pad, you just got to be more careful. So the reason you're going to buy this pad over this pad is pretty obvious it's going to be size it's going to be weight, and it's going to be temperature rating.

What I've noticed with these two sleeping pads is that they're super similar in their style of comfort. So this one is like the super toned down version of this. These are only two and a half inches thick. And one thing that I have discovered with both of these pads is that when. I'm laying on it, I can develop almost like a lump in the middle of my back kind of like if you've got your car and your lumbar support is too much.

You got to push the button on the side to get that lumbar support where you want it. You can adjust these as well by deflating them a little. So I noticed that if I took the valve, and I just let a little of air out while I was laying on it.

I could bring and sort of balance out and get that lump to kind of go flat in the middle. But there is a. Balance there because if you let out too much and like, if you roll on your side, you're gonna definitely feel your hip or a shoulder or something touching the ground. This one's, just a lot easier to uh, get that comfortable point for me anyway.

So when I'm sleeping on it, I'm like gold, I don't have to really worry about it. I can just blow this up to, you know, what I know is going to be right for me. I can set it and forget it, and I'm good. This one is 12 ounces where this one is 19 ounces. So this is almost. A half pound heavier than this pad.

Okay. So bottom line if you know that you're never going to backpack below freezing, right, and you're, a hundred percent, confident that you're going to be, you know, careful with your gear, and you're, not going to have to worry about rocks and abrasions. Then I'm going to tell you for sure pickup the Uber light. This is a fantastic pad. In my opinion, it's worth every penny.

If you're a little more rough with your gear, and you want something that's going to be a little warmer. In the colder weather, if you're a cold sleeper, grab the Nemo, especially if you want to set it and forget it instant comfort. This is like the luxury pad. If you're a cold sleeper, you want all season. You don't want to spend money on two pads for a three season and a four season because you're the winter guy too, but you're, you know, okay with being warmer in the summer months, then you might want to just grab this pad. This thing is built like a tank, and it's super warm.

This is overkill warm. This is. Like below zero Fahrenheit warm. So if that's you, and you're one of the tank of a sleeping pad, this is your sleeping pad here. Man, but I'm going to tell you, I think the new reigning king for me.

Anyway, is the Uber lights all right guys? If you like this video, make sure you hit that like button, also subscribe for more hit that bell notification. So that I can send you a video every time it's released. And I do have an Instagram.

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Dated : 07-Apr-2022

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