Ultimate X Video Poker For $10,000 @Thed Las Vegas Part 2

So there's, my kids I'm, surrounded by the all-stars here. This one right here, there is one. I spotted one unicorn in the wilderness here there we go.

We got the two unicorns themselves from the wilderness here, the professor and the slot master himself. Let's go away. Good luck. Guys for tomorrow. You can play it up to five rounds to take the top two let's. Go, hey, can we get some points?

First place is ten thousand dollars, there'll be some free play for eleven. 16 155. All right? We have all eight. Contestants ready here all the cameras are rolling the lights. The action is incredible. Ten-second countdown, please let's.

Go. Let's. Go let's. Go they're off at boogie. 1765. One minute gone. Four minutes, remained David w. Your leader now landed, again, 2100, points, oh 000, right now, oh, my god, David two minutes gone three minutes remained in round.

Number two, David at 44, 45 shows away still waiting for our first big halfway home. Now two and a half minutes remaining here in round number two, David at 52 75. John's got 44.60 landed 36.55. Those are your top three right now that this thing is 90 seconds left. David 73, 45, Jeremy, 64, 25, 157, 10., 76.80. I five seconds.

Ah, I'd suggest you Jeremiah. So now he's there you're messing up come on JK show me, oh, my mind wanted to though all right Jeremy k after a'm coming for you, I'm big money. All right. Two minutes gone by three minutes remaining Jeremy's still in the lead 47-10, chad, g, 49-50, Jeff, g, 27-35, oh, man, wasted. My freaking, um, show me something all right folks.

Here's your two-minute warning. Paul, Howard, 10, 000, p, 6400, Jeremy, 6100., 12 times the next question. No, I don't have anybody there you go. David is paul, 14, 083, David Paul's at twelve thousand two thirty Jeremy's up to nine thousand. I think it's going to be an interesting final minute here, 45 seconds, Jake, 45 seconds left there. You go build up that full house there you go. Oh, you.

Dated : 16-Mar-2022

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