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I was an undergraduate student in bioengineering at U of L. And during that time I worked in a laboratory where I worked on nasa-funded research, which led me to complete some co-op semesters at NASA Johnson, Space Center down in Houston Texas. And while I was there I kind of developed this real interest in human space exploration. And that led me to the European Space Agency. The engineering program at ROFL is so strong, and they have a year's worth of co-op experience built into those four years of. Undergraduate and then just an extra year for your masters so that's, a really great deal. But on top of that I was chosen as a brown fellow for my undergraduate, and that just kind of sealed, the deal it's just such a wonderful program, and I've made some great friends had some really incredible opportunities and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'd say, the reason for u of l is the opportunities that it gives you outside the classroom.

I've I, toured multiple colleges, multiple campuses. And none of.Then have I felt had the connection to their city into their community that the University of Louisville has liked I said, I've had multiple internships. And those were directed, or I was directed to those by staff and faculty here and that's that hands-on experience gives you just an unrivaled experience that you can't get anywhere else. I think the commitment to the community. And the partnerships that the university has with the community make the University of Louisville so much higher than. Any other university in the state and many others in the country, if it wasn't for the faculty I wouldn't have had the opportunities that I did at ROFL I.

Think there are a lot of perks is staying near home. And within Kentucky, you have wonderful people, great hospitality and the relationships that you form. Here are very strong. When I was looking at different schools. And comparing where to go to college I told myself that I would have to trust my gut feeling.

And I think when I came to Louisville. Everyone was just so nice so welcoming, and they were just ready to make friends, you know, very opening. And the faculty just made you feel like it was a small school.

Instead of a large University. So I think that warmth and that feeling of friendship, really invited me to come to you. Well,

Dated : 17-Apr-2022

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