What Is An Identity

Welcome so what I want to do explain you are what exactly is an identity. So lets kind of go through the mode, maybe most basic identity that we know of okay, one equals one and that's an identity when we're looking at a den nee, what we're trying to do is make sure our left side is going to be exactly the same over in as a right side of an equation when we have both sides that are equivalent, even if they're in the same form on four. And then we have an identity. Now, a couple of the famous identities. They possibly have is let's say, if we have a minus an equals sorry equals not one equals zero that is an identity, because we know that a minus an is going to equal zero.

And that is going through our all those additive, inverses of each other, but there's going to be a very popular form of an identity. Also, we could do one of a times one over an is going to equal one there's. Another example of an identity where we can show that the left side is equivalent to the right side.

And the way that I can do this. Is obviously apply this. So a month's an is zero equals zero. Now you can see that the left side equals the right side if I multiplied by a OH a times one over a can rewrite that as one, so I have an over an equals one where one equals one so an identity when we're going to be talking about verifying or using our identities, all we're simply at you know looking into, or even when we look at our trigonometric identities, you know, how do our trigonometric identities relate it's when we have the left. Side is going to be equal to the right side for each of their algebraic terms or expressions. For example, you know, even look at tangent of theta equals sine of theta over cosine of theta.

So it doesn't matter what those vary what the variable theta is. But if I plug in my variable theta on the left side and on the right side, this equation is going to be equal to each other. So when we have a when we have verified an identity we're going to be verifying that both sides are going to be equal, no. Matter what algebraic or numeric term, we plug in into the equation.

So there goes Elaine German. That is just a quick little overview of what is an identity, Thanks.

Dated : 24-Mar-2022

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