Wow | How To Use Blue Eyeshadow On Medium Tanned Skin Tone | Natasha Denona

Hey, guys, my name is Otto, and I'm. The gland fry here on YouTube. Thank you so much for clicking on this video, and I'm happy that you're here if you're new, please hit, subscribe I know, I've been missing for a while, but I'm going to make sure that I'm uploading consistently.

And if you're returning, thank you so much for coming back I, really appreciate it. And thank you for being a part of my family here on YouTube. So today's look today's.

Video is actually this look that I did use the Natasha - Donna. Metropolis palette, this isn't, a new palette, but I, just recently got my hands on it and I thought why not use if it's just full of very sultry colors and beautiful blues pops of Blues and that's. What kind of inspired this?

Look so I. Hope, you enjoyed this video and like I said, before if you knew, please hit subscribe I would love to have you here as a part of my glam. So without further ado let's get into this video, and first I'm going in with the makeup revolution, cut crease canvas. This product is. Definitely now my favorite eyeshadow primer, it's, thin its opaque, and it does a beautiful job going in within Natasha de Nonna metropolis palette, I love. This palette going in with the shade called pure, just to define my crease, and I'm just buffing that gently and slowly, outer and inner corners of my eyes to deepen the curve I'm using the shade called antique just to give it more definition, and I'm, just taking that into the crease next going in with this shade called avoid, which is slightly. Greenish Brown, the shimmers in this palette are to die for I'm going in with the shade called aureus, and I'm, just using my finger to put it on the lid, just for a pop of color I'm going in with the shade called acquiesce, which is a beautiful blue with slight shimmers, and I'm, just using a small brush to do that next using the epic ink liner in black and creating a sharp defined wing using the black gel liner from colour-pop on my lower waterline, just to define the eyes a little more, adding a.A bit of mascara and a set of fluffy lashes, look how gorgeous going in with the color, pop BFF, liner, I love.

This lip liner it's, the perfect nude, and the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in peachy it's, just so incredible. This shade I'm really happy with the way. This look turned out Natasha de Nona, never disappoints with her palettes I love, the pop of blue, I love, the gold on the lids and the fluffy lashes for the extra drama.

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Dated : 09-May-2022

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